Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Want Something Good for Dinner.

The title of today's blog is courtesy of my husband. During our daily afternoon phone conversations, there's almost a sense of foreboding as I await the question: "What's for dinner?"
The conversation, I'm sure, is similar in most households:

Him: What's for dinner?
Me: I don't know, what do you want?
Him: Something good.

*sigh* I want something good too, but sometimes I just don't feel like making it.

Yesterday I made black bean soup. He wanted a sandwich, which then evolved into a quesadilla as an accompaniment. So, that's what he had for dinner. Black bean soup and a cheddar and onion quesadilla. I, on the other hand wanted cornbread. So, I made cornbread adapted from a few recipes and black bean soup. (I'm not mentioning the disgusting quesadilla I made for myself...I shouldn't even call it a quesadilla, it was melted cheddar in between 2 tortillas.)

And so, that was something good.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Mitered Squares. Part Two.

Last night I laid out all the mitered squares I've been working on. I was so sure that I was close to having a decent-sized afghan for Abby. (Could it possibly be done for Christmas?) Heh. Not even damn close. I think this will be her 16th birthday. Seriously.
Please no comments about all the ends that need to be weaved in. (ETA: Is "weaved" a word?!)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Delusions of Granduer.

Back in August I purchased a 5 subject note book. I gave each section a purpose:
  1. Gifts to make for Abby
  2. Gifts for Abby to make for family
  3. Gifts to make for Joe
  4. Gifts to make for family
  5. Gifts to make for friends.
I dutifully and methodically (me? obsessive-compulsive? no way!) wrote notes, made sketches, scratched down websites, and clipped patterns that are stashed between the pages. It is now the middle of November and that notebook has been untouched since September. I've only completed and/or am currently working on a few things from my master plan of Christmas gifts:
  1. Felted slippers for Abby (although, I want to add some embroidery to them)
  2. Currently working on a nightgown for Abby in my sewing class
  3. Completed one thing for one sister that wasn't even on the list
  4. Sort of finished something for my mom (seen in photo)

Blah. Abby and I attempted to make a Christmas gift for her grandparents; a paper mache bowl. We made the pulp and the glue and molded the mixture over another bowl at which point Abby announced, "Please wash my hands, this is too much fun for me." *sigh* Anyhow, I finished the bowl and impatiently waited for it to dry so we could paint it. Four days later, it was still wet and sprouting mold.
The purpose of this post is not to make myself feel rushed for some projects, or guilty for giving up on others; (although, that was achieved) but to explain my lack of posting. The things I've been working on are gifts and therefore, not to be posted until after the recipient has both opened and feigned interest.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Peak of Autumn.

Every Sunday me and Abby spend the day at my parents' house. Abby really loves it there and she has a blast playing in their huge backyard. They have a swing set and a playhouse just for her.
She enjoys digging in the garden and claims she wants to be a farmer.
This past Sunday was no exception. It was crisp and chilly and her little hands were red and cold (mental note to make mittens), but she didn't care. As she was bundled in a hat and scarf that I made for her, she was digging in dirt singing a song that included words, "Abby is a farmer."

Monday, November 3, 2008

Whole Lotta Bakin' Going On.

Yeah. Roll yours eyes at the title. I already did.
My birthday was Friday. I made myself green tea cupcakes with the matcha I bought a week or so ago. I got the recipe here. The cupcakes are sooo good.
The green tea flavor in the frosting is perfect, but the cupcake flavor is a bit too subtle for me. Next time, I think I'll just use my usual white cupcake recipe and add the matcha. I'll do the same with the frosting: just use my usual butter cream recipe and add matcha to that. I've also made myself some green tea latte, well, as much as a latte you can make without an espresso maker to steam the milk.
I also made an apple pie since I wasn't sure how well the cupcakes would go over. The pie was pretty good, the crust was uncooperative and I really didn't feel like fixing it, so I just pieced it together in the pie plate. No one noticed, or cared, really. I used up the apples from our apple picking last Friday.

Yesterday me and Abby made iced pumpkin cookies inspired by this blog. (I didn't use that much cream cheese.) They were very good and I'm glad I left them at my parents' house.