Sunday, April 12, 2015

My First Wedding.

On Friday, I had the privilege of shooting a wedding. The very first "I'm the photographer" wedding. I have shot other weddings, but as a back-up. This was the real deal. I started to read up on tips and tricks. They did nothing but freak me out. (What if your camera fails? What if you don't have enough space? This is the most important day of their life...What if? What if? What if?) I stopped reading.

I employed the help of my friend Heather and we were on our way.

Now, granted, I was not-so-stressed and quite laid back about it all because the bride is the friend of one of my sisters. She was very laissez faire about the entire thing; I felt that disappointing her would be very difficult. Cate was amazing to photograph, not only because she is a natural beauty, but because she let me complete my vision. The ideal situation for my first wedding.

Lessons were learned; challenges were overcome.

Turns out, Heather and I make the perfect photography team. I did close-up, she did wide-angle. We have a similar vision, but different ways of achieving it. Perfection.

Shooting this wedding is exactly why my psyche needed. My camera and I were on a trial separation because I was feeling uncreative, unmotivated, and stagnant. This wedding opened up my eyes and my mind.

I hope that Cate & Timmy have a lifetime of love. I hope that when they've been married for 20 years, they will look back on the snippets of time that Heather & I captured with our cameras and vividly remember the day that they were married. I hope that when they look at these memories, they will easily remember the time when they were simply "Cate and Timmy," not some one's parents, not some one's grandparents. The time when they solely belong to each other and their married life is a wondrous mystery ahead.