Monday, October 24, 2011

Things I've Made but Haven't Taken Pictures of

I made this infinity scarf. I love it. When husband saw me wearing it, he said, "Howdy. Pard'ner." Nice.

I made these leaves our of this yarn with the thought of making the wreath. Decided, instead, to sew pins onto the back of individual leaves. I wear it on my February Lady Sweater. It looks nice.

I made drapes, curtains, whatever for my living room. I like them. Trying not to let my OCD tendencies flourish with the realization that one curtain has the pattern going up, the other has the pattern going down. 10 yards of fabric at Jomar for $24.50. Yes, please.

Inspired by this, I refashioned a blouse my sister gave me. The tie isn't as long as I'd like mainly b/c I used the scrap from the sides that I took in.

Must dash. Have an interview soon where I plan on wearing my new refashioned blouse with dry clean only pants that haven't been dry cleaned in xx years. Thank you, Downy wrinkle-release. Huh. Haven't watched Bridget Jones in awhile, not sure what inspired the last paragraph.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Why Photographs are awesome.

Solely based on this image, you would think we were having a great time. We weren't. My daughter was apparently PMSing about 6 years early. I had one of those parenting moments, when I pulled her out of the car, grabbing her arms tightly in my fists, that I scared myself. But ya know what? She still loves me. Yeah, she thinks I'm a bitch, but that just means I'm doing my job. Sorry, kid, you don't smack me and call me names and don't get punished for it.

Hopefully when we look at these photos years from now, we'll remember the horse ride, the 12" horse penis that flopped around as he walked in a circle, and the fact that even though there are bad days, the good days outnumber them.