Wednesday, March 14, 2012

You want fries with that?

I may be asking that soon. If I can't find a job. Which it turns out, I can't. Ugh. I'm so frustrated.

I feel like, and I have no evidence to back it up, but I feel like the years I spent at home raising my daughter are being held against me. I don't know what else it could be. Yeah, the economy is shitty, blah, blah, blah.

BUT... when a place you worked for 5 1/2 years before giving birth, a place where your husband and friend currently work will not even call you for an interview when you fit every requirement for a job, it's difficult not to ponder the motives.

True, I didn't like my job there when I was there. But that was six years ago. I have changed. I know that I am not looking for a career, when I was there before, I was. I felt underutilized and unappreciated. Now, I couldn't care less, underutilized me, don't appreciate me. I have other places where I can get those things.

Fuck it. Maybe it's time to clasp pearls around my neck, tie an apron around my waist and up my meds.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


I've made Cooking Light's Spinach, Caramelized Onion, and Feta Quiche many times; but not recently. Cause I got tired of it. But, since I'm no longer working and have time to make meals, and because my kid has developed her father's picky food trait, and because pinterest is awesome, I've been cooking a lot.

I adapted the quiche recipe a bit, and I guess it's no longer "light," but it's very delicious and Abby loved it. "Mom, this Keith is delicious!" Score!

I made this whole wheat crust, subbing sucanat instead of sugar (much better than the pizza dough crust recommended in the recipe.)The one review states to double the oil and milk. I didn't find that to be necessary. I especially liked how the crust was assembled in the actual pie plate.

I used half a bag of hash browns and diced the onions. There were a lot left over (wouldn't fit into the crust) so I served them along side of the quiche. I used the same amount of eggs and egg whites as the recipe states. My changes: about 4 oz. of farmer's cheese and 2 oz. of smoked gouda (the smokiness really adds a lot of flavor!)

So basically, I followed the recipe swapping out the crust and adding smoke gouda and farmer's cheese to the egg & feta mixture.

Like I said, I served with the leftover potatoes and onions, and a side salad. And of course, I topped mine with sriracha because it is awesome.

Pretend the photo is in focus.