Monday, November 3, 2008

Whole Lotta Bakin' Going On.

Yeah. Roll yours eyes at the title. I already did.
My birthday was Friday. I made myself green tea cupcakes with the matcha I bought a week or so ago. I got the recipe here. The cupcakes are sooo good.
The green tea flavor in the frosting is perfect, but the cupcake flavor is a bit too subtle for me. Next time, I think I'll just use my usual white cupcake recipe and add the matcha. I'll do the same with the frosting: just use my usual butter cream recipe and add matcha to that. I've also made myself some green tea latte, well, as much as a latte you can make without an espresso maker to steam the milk.
I also made an apple pie since I wasn't sure how well the cupcakes would go over. The pie was pretty good, the crust was uncooperative and I really didn't feel like fixing it, so I just pieced it together in the pie plate. No one noticed, or cared, really. I used up the apples from our apple picking last Friday.

Yesterday me and Abby made iced pumpkin cookies inspired by this blog. (I didn't use that much cream cheese.) They were very good and I'm glad I left them at my parents' house.


Anonymous said...

it all looks so delicious!

Taylor said...

Happy belated birthday! I still have green tea cake mix in my pantry from Trader Joe's back when they sold it a few years ago. Yum!