Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Read My Hips.

In the smack dab middle of Read My Hips by Kim Brittingham.

As I told my sister via text, if I wasn't a robot, I would cry. Never have I felt such a strong, personal connection to written words. That is a bold statement, I know. The entire book is about loving yourself no matter your size. All things that I realize, or, as my therapist says, "my executive side" realizes, but are so difficult to put into practice.

The words I am typing here do no justice to effect this books is having on me; it prompted me to creep Kim Brittingham out on Facebook and write her a brief message. This is not normal behavior for me.

So far, one of my favorite bits, "And regardless of what size or shape my body may be, no matter how it may change -- bigger, smaller, looser, older -- I want to be loved just as I am. Me, in my natural packaging, appreciated for the whole that I am, for all the wonderful innate qualities that I bring to the table."

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