Sunday, December 18, 2011


Apparently I am not maintaining brain cells. I am losing them.

Two fails in one weekend, I'm going for a record...

Fail #1: Made Christmas cookies. My sister came over, I had already started the pizelles, when she got here, she started on the chocolate chips. My second round of cookies is my favorite: butter cookies. Those little spritzer cookies full of artery-clogging, triglyceride-raising goodness. The dough was uncooperative, so I refrigerated it. That worked for the cookie press. And then I put them in the oven and they spread out all over the place. I was frustrated and angry. I tossed everything out. Later, for whatever reason, I realized how I effed up. I put in 8x the butter, but only 4x the other ingredients. Good-bye brain cells, it was nice getting reacquainted you for a brief time. Go spread your competence elsewhere.

Fail #2: Got a jump on the the laundry this weekend. I started it on Saturday evening instead of Sunday morning. Felt way ahead of the game, a little treat to myself for effing up the cookies. (Yeah, completing laundry is a treat, typing that, I realize I'm much more a Type A personality than I care to admit.) This morning, as I was again, feeling satisfied that it is not yet noon and the laundry is away, I cursed myself for thinking to gain a time advantage, I'd just toss the whites in with the colors. Husband's undershirts are tinged gray, as is my white camisole. Goodbye common sense brain cells, I hope you use your power for good instead of evil.

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