Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Thanks, Kathryn Ivy.

Last summer I made Abby a summerlin dress. It was very cute, but quickly became misshapen courtesy of the yarn and her incessant need to pull and tug on the straps. It was pointed out that I should probably change the yarn I was using. So, last week, I finally got my butt to Rosie's and picked up the recommended Rowan "Calmer" yarn. Very pretty. Very soft. Very unlikely it will be stretched out of shape (due to the quality of yarn and the child being another year older.)

The fabric was purchased at a thrift store awhile ago. I was drawn to it because it reminded me of sheets my parents used to have when I was little. Freaky 70s flower patterns rock. (Or so I tell myself to make myself seem cool and not outdated.)

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