Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hats Off!

I made a hat. It was pretty easy. Fairly quick. I used all the proper things: canvas fabric, hair canvas for the lining. I never used hair canvas before. It serves its purpose, but I think next time, I'll just use a medium-to-heavy weight interfacing. The hair canvas kinda made me itchy. And plus, ew, it's got HAIR in it.

The hat was made for my sister, at her request to resemble the hat Samantha wore in the SATC movie. The only resemblance, really, is that it is black and white. I couldn't find a similar fabric design, and, since this was my first hat-making experience, I didn't want to alter the pattern and make the brim any wider that the pattern called for.

I intend to make myself a hat too. I'll even embellish mine with some ribbon. SNAZZY!


Broomcakes said...

I am so getting this pattern and making this hat. That yellow tablecloth I bought at the thrift shop would be perfect! And I have black ribbon! Egads, I love hats!

Jaime said...

OOh! Heather, that would be awesome.
PS. I made a really cute buttercup bag that is yellow and black and it's awesome.