Monday, July 27, 2009

Farmers' Market.

I have been wanting to go the the Headhouse Farmers' Market for quite some time. Years, really. It's not much effort to get there, but it's an effort to find parking (except Heather drove and we found a super close spot!), it's an effort to go out on a Sunday morning when it's the only day my husband can sleep in, it's an effort to decide whether or not it's worth the guilt of having him wake up early and stay with the child or worth the frustration of taking her to a crowded place riddled with hipsters sporting their canvas totes. *sigh* I think too much, don't I?

So, this Sunday, after bombarding Heather with Facebook notes and text messages on Saturday, we went at 10am. It was not as crowded as I had pictured it in my head. Maybe because a lot of people are on vacation, or maybe since I over-dramatize everything in my head, the crowd was manageable. Sure, there were the pet parents and the human parents both with their appropriate gear. And then trendy rich people. And the trendy poor people. You can discern the difference in the amount of hair on face/head.

I was going to bring my camera. I was. I was going to bring my lenses and take great crowd shots and pictures of colorful, ripe fruit. But then I thought, I'm not gonna wanna lug the camera bag around the massive crowd (my over-active, paranoid imagination at work) so I just decided to bring my small camera that I can just toss in my bag and be done with it. But I forgot it. And so, I mentally slapped myself on the wrist a gazillion times as I saw a ton of photographs that weren't taken with my camera, only with my mind. The thing about mental pictures is that they can't be shared with others. Oh well, next time. And there will be a next time, I assure you.

The pictures had to wait until I got home. I'll admit, I bought those colorful carrots with the intent of photographing. I mean, look at them, they're beautiful! Who would've thought I would ever say that about a carrot?! I mean, really!

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Broomcakes said...

I would have had no problem helping you herd Abby--I have experience with small chatty toddlers! You just have to convince her dad to let you put your car seat in my car :)