Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The weekend was full of baking.
On Friday, I spent the majority of the day baking and preparing the decorations for my cousin's girlfriend's shower cake.
I finally used the chocolate decoration ideas from The Whimsical Bakehouse. I love that book. The recipes are delicious (I used the chocolate chip pound cake recipe from the book, but my own cream cheese frosting recipe) and the pictures are lovely. Many compliments on the cake. That made me happy.

On Sunday I made a banana cake (from the same book). The cake itself was good. The filling was OK. It was supposed to be french custard, but it just wasn't coming together properly. The frosting was a heart patient's bane. Chocolate chips, heavy cream, butter, and corn syrup. I didn't even use the full amount of butter called for ( 2 1/2 sticks!!!) because it just seemed wrong. Everything assembled was good, but next time, the banana cake with either be sprinkled with powdered sugar or topped regular chocolate frosting.


Kristine said...

That banana cake looks so good! And the baby shower one came out great!

Jaime said...

Thanks Kris!
I really liked the painting with chocolate and plan to do more of that technique with future cakes.