Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I decided to make the buttercup bag, that is sweeping crafty blogs. When I say "sweeping" I mean, written about by three of the blogs that I read.

I am amazing by people who can actually write a functional pattern. It is an extraordinary talent, and am even more amazed when they decide to share the pattern. For free! I find that in general, the crafty blogiverse is quite generous.

Anyhow, after a couple of failed attempts at making a gift for my mom, I decided upon the buttercup bag. I used an unused floral pillowcase and thrifted drapery fabric. It came out pretty cute, unfortunately, you will never know because I forgot to take a photo of it before I gave it to my mom.

Today, however, I whipped out another bag. And seriously, it's that easy that I can do it with a child asking me questions every 27.5 seconds. This bag is made from thrifted napkins and thrifted cotton fabric. I have been waiting for something to do with those napkins, and I finally found it. Happily, I only used one napkin too! Two more left...

For this particular bag, I skipped the pocket, because really, I see no purpose for it. I also used regular snaps, ya know, the kind you hammer in. I also lenghtend the strap. I think this bag could benefit from interfacing. (Oh, I also skipped the decorative buttons.)

Sadly, however, I will not use this bag because it's entirely too small for me. It would only hold my wallet & possibly my cellphone. I usually carry some books with me, wipes, tissues, lipgloss, and medicial items. And my camera, which would not fit in this bag. At all. I would love to make this make bigger because it's really pretty!

Would anyone like this bag? I mean, out of the 2 people who read this blog? Let me know...post a comment. :)


Rebecca said...

I really like it - the fabric combo is so fun! But I agree that the size would probably stop me from using it. Thanks for the pattern review since I was thinking of making this pattern too and now I think I might attempt it in a larger size.

craftyclaire said...

I made it too yesterday. It is small, but perfect for when you need very little apart from your purse, keys and mobile phone. I agree, if I made it again I would add interfacing as it's a little too floppy for my liking, still such generosity, is really kind.

Broomcakes said...
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Broomcakes said...

My OCD forced me to delete my previous comment due to a spelling error, lol. If you use a heavier weight fabric, like the canvas stuff from Ikea or upholstery weight stuff, it's stiff enough to not need interfacing. I'm gifting the one I made to a girl I know for her birthday. She's in 8th grade, so for her, I think it might be a good size.

imaginationinparenting said...

I just made this for my mother in law as well -- and I too thought it would be better to be made with a heavier fabric... but I think it'll be fine once there's stuff in it... and my MIL has lots of bags -- so it's more like a fashion thing :)

The size? I personally LOVE IT. I wouldn't love it for my ONLY bag -- but most often, I only have wallet + cell. I typically have the diaper bag with me or close by :) I hate trying to find things -- so i love tiny purses :)

I love that you made yours from recycled fabrics!!

Jaime said...

I have to apologize, I had every intention of giving this bag away, but the little person living in my house played with it and broke the snap, which in turn, torn the fabric!