Friday, January 30, 2009

The Quilt.

I am happy to say that I have knocked a few projects off of my 2009 list already:
  • finished the pompom hat for my sister (didn't take pictures! DUH!)
  • finished the fingerless gloves for my husband; when my cousin asked me what I was making, and I told her fingerless gloves, she asked me if Joe planned on becoming homeless any time soon. *snicker*
  • finished the patchwork quilt for sister #2.
This is about the quilt. It was quite simple to stitch together. It was only squares, nothing complicated. I like the way it turned out. I like the way totally non-matching fabrics seems to work well together in quilt-form. I used up a lot of scraps, and even used two of my husband's shirts that don't fit him anymore. (They're too big...don't even get me started on that...)

I am eager to start on another quilt; perhaps some sort of color scheme. Lately I'm enjoying the pale blue/white/red combo.

Oh, my sister seemed to like it. It is currently draped over her living room love seat. I will leave with a sampling of my favorite squares:

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Broomcakes said...

I love this! I have a bunch of fabric coming to me and I think a quilt is in order!