Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Doe! A Deer.

I've been on a pajama bottom making spree! Well, if you count two pairs of pants in two days a spree. And I do, so it is.

Me & Abby went to Joann's the other day to pick out fabric for the princess dress she wanted. (That's another blog post, I'm sure.) We passed Sponge Bob fabric and she wanted it, so I just thought I'd make her some pants. I bought a yard, but probably should've purchased 1 1/4 yard.

Her pants were super quick to throw together. I just followed a vintage kids' pattern I thrifted during the summer.

My pj pants were made from an old/barely used sheet. My husband thinks this is hysterical and called me Maria Van Trapp; hence the title (although, technically, she made clothes from draperies.) Anyhow, the pattern I have for pj pants is ridiculous. The pants are huge. Not like, oh, "they're big,"big but like, "oh, have you lost about 200lbs?" big.

So, I deconstructed a favorite pair of bleach stained/holey yoga pants and used them as a basis for a pattern. I made a bigger seam allowance since the yoga pants are knit fabric, and the sheet, is well, sheet. They fit pretty well. The only qualm is that the waist isn't really form fitting. I think that's because the yoga pants had a drawstring and I just gave the sheet ones an elastic waist. Either way, they're comfy.

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