Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Here is the blog where I show off the gifts I made for Christmas. And, as it turns out, all of those gifts are scarves. Impressed? *rolling eyes*
I was quite disappointed at the gifts I gave this holiday. I wanted them to be amazingly creative, they weren't.
I didn't take picture of the hand-made gifts I gave my husband (scarf, of course; and a pair of gloves, which I am quite proud of...they were a lot easier than I thought they'd be.)

First up, the first scarf I made. It's a quilted scarf (inspired from here) made from some thrifted fabric and some scraps that I had. I made it for my mom and adding a decorative flowery stitch.

Jill's scarf. All of the fabric I had on hand, I actually made her a bag (that I gave to her for her birthday in July, but she asked me to change the snap and I have yet to do it, and therefore it is still sitting in my sewing area) out of the cherry and black polka dot fabric. The red polka dot fabric I bought to do a self-portrait awhile ago. It is Joann brand and it is stiff and uncomfortable. I don't like Joann brand fabric. It all seems that way.

Jo Anna' scarf. I didn't have any fabric that I thought would suit Jo Anna, so I went out and bought some cat fabric and some rainbow stripe fabric. I like it. I also employed fibonacci numbers for the fabric stip sizes.
Both my sisters separately told me that they scarves look like priest stoles. Great. Here is a demonstration:
Oh, and a picture of my Dad's scarf. Simple seed stitch knit project. No picture of him wearing it, since, as of my last visit on Sunday, it is still sitting on the end table in their living room.

PS I promise to take better, more thoughtful blog pictures.


Kristine said...

Priest stoles! LMAO!!!

amber said...

i think that scarf will be very becoming on your dad. i love seed stitch. it eats up a lot of yarn though doesn't it?