Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cookie Exchange.

I hosted a cookie exchange on Friday night. I know, the smartest thing to do just after starting Weight Watchers (again.) But, I did, and I'm glad because it was fun. I learned about some things that I just didn't need to: something that involves a glass inserted into an area of the body...I'm just gonna leave it at that, and that the I am a very lucky lady to have wonderful, talented friends and family, a kick-ass husband, and an amazingly, well-behaved little girl.
I made two drinks. One looked pretty, but was not too good. One that was just beige, but was quite delicious.
Drink #1:
Pecan Pie Martini (sounds good, right?)
Firstly, I have to say that I abhor Rachael Ray. This is one of her "recipes." Seriously, Rachael, did you even *try* this recipe? Really? Did you? Because, if you did, (and I'm not gonna blame her fully because I should've thought of it too, but then again I don't get paid gazillions of dollars for thinking up stupid abbreviations and grinning like the joker) but, the corn syrup solidified in the shaker with the ice and vodka. Duh. Corn syrup + ice = clogged shaker holes. Could barely get the drinks out. I didn't even make one for myself because based on my guests reactions, it hardly seemed worth the effort. On the plus side, the rim
was tasty: corn syrup, toasted pecans, and brown sugar. (Oh, and in my defense, I was perusing my sister's Rachael Ray mag when I saw the recipe...I didn't go hunting for it. I think it hunted me down.)

The next drink, I will give the credit to Rachael, or one of her drunken interns: Oatmeal Cookie Crusher. Delicious! (Not delish or yummo, thankyouverymuch!)
Again, not much to look at, but quite tasty. This isn't a drink for a hardcore drinker, really. It's too sweet, but that's fine with me because I like sweet girly drinks. There. I confess. But, I also love me an extra dirty martini with three olives, so go figure.

Now, onto the cookies. It was a COOKIE EXCHANGE, afterall.
I, in an attempt at watching my points, made three cookies from Cooking Light:
1. Double-chocolate biscotti (good, but could've been better by adding some orange zest, or dried cherries and/or cranberries)
2. Swedish Almond-Cardamom Stars (eh, won't make again. I don't know why I insist on making cut-out cookies. I hate the process.) Plus, I don't know what makes them "Swedish."
3. Chai shortbread. (Will make again, but will increase all spices about 75%-100%) Not spicy enough for me. I didn't get a chai feel.
I have pictures of these cookies, but am not going to upload them right now because I just realized I've spent too much time on the computer and I need to get moving. Instead, I will leave you with just a few photos from the delicious creations my friends and family made:


Crackbucks said...
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Broomcakes said...

I'm messing around in blogspot today...anyhooo...
I think cardamom = swedish holiday spice.
I had a great time at the party, sharing all of my disgusting anecdotes and web videos.