Sunday, October 19, 2008


Apologies for the pun, but really, what's a blog without puns?
So, I completed my first pair of socks. I feel so accomplished on the dpns (double-pointed needles) that I can't believe I had such a difficult time with them before. I'm wondering if the main reason is because the needles I was using were aluminum and therefore slippery. I love the texture of the bamboo and the ease at which they work. Since knitting is so tactile, I think bamboo needles are worth the extra money, plus they make such a nice sound when they click against each other.

Back to the socks. They are for Abby, because, well, let's face it, it's more fun to make things for little people because:
  • the projects go quicker (more opportunities for a sense of accomplishment)
  • little things are cute, and
  • little people are genuinely appreciative
I really like these socks because I love the colors of the self-striping yarn. And yes, I am currently making a pair for myself. Don't be jealous.

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