Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You're a Mormon, Charlie Brown.

Abby has a recent addiction to "Peanuts." We've watched the Halloween one; a classic (I got a rock), but I've seen it so many times recently, that I'm not sure I like it anymore. On the same DVD as the Halloween episode is, "You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown." I think that says it all.
We've watched the Thanksgiving one: kind of weird, Abby calls Peppermint Patty "he." (But, who can blame her, really? I mean, after all, Marcy does call her "sir.")
We've seen the Mayflower one: this one is so bizarre, and, I imagine, like some weird acid trip that involves overly friendly, English speaking Native Americans, sick and dying children, and over zealous pilgrims anxious to share the land with and work it with its original inhabitants.
Oh, and of course the Christmas ones. The good one and the one that has no plot and sucks.

Anyhow, because of the recent rise in "Peanuts" in our house, when we saw the autumn Peanuts fabric, I knew we needed to buy it and make her a skirt with it pronto. So, I made her an a-line skirt with a bias-tape hem. I figured since it was for fall, I should make it a bit longer. Then I remembered that I had a yellow t-shirt that I had purchased with the intention of screenprinting something, but never got around to, so I sewed a snoopy on the front (more than slightly askew, so really, it looks like I did it on purpose and not by accident.) I also did some decorative stitches on the arms and collar; I ripped off the original collar because it was so thick.

What did I end up with? An extra large, shapeless outfit (hence the Mormon reference) that she couldn't wait to wear. I'm glad she likes it, but really, it's quite ridiculous.


amber said...


oh man i wish i had some! i'd have made claude pants or something...

btw i ONLY like great pumpkin, the thanksgiving one, and the "good" christmas one -- that's it. and i want them with peter paul candies commericals in the middle or it's not the same!

Crackbucks said...

those decorative stitches look kick ass!