Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mac & Cheese.

Today was such a perfect autumn day. Chilly, windy, and sunny. The trees were shedding their leaves in droves. I so enjoy driving through the park in the downpour of autumn leaves.
The weather completely inspired my dinner menu; plus I knew that my husband would be craving something warm and comforting since he has a cold (and no blood.)
I found this recipe from Cooking Light. I decided to alter it. A lot. I replaced the gorgonzola with goat cheese. I replaced the mozzarella with 1% sharp cheddar. Skipped the bay leaf and added paprika. Served with stewed tomatoes, of course! It was very delicious. A perfect meal autumnal meal. I also made some vegetarian minestrone (a photo from last year here.) inspired by this soup. I used vegetable broth instead of water, and used about 8 cups of it since I more than doubled the recipe's vegetables. I added celery and cabbage too. Very tasty. Cannot wait for tomorrow' lunch (soup) and tomorrow's after work dinner (mac & cheese and more soup).

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