Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What it's NOT About.

This blog is NOT about how last night I spent the full two hours of my sewing class laying out a pajama pattern only to discover that the fabric isn't wide enough. It won't fit the entire top and bottom of the pjs; therefore I am only making a a pair of long pajama pants.

This blog is NOT about how had two pay for the two sewing classes I missed. (One because I was cranky and Joe was home late from work and I didn't feel like rushing; the other because I was helped my sister paint her new house and didn't want to offend the sewing class by showing up unshowered, stinky, painty, and frizzy.) I love dropping an extra $40 for no good reason. I'm really pissed about this. Seriously. $40. May not be a lot to some, but for me, a woman who only works part-time and has an expensive yarn/fabric/pattern/book/gymboree habit, it's a lot.

This blog IS about a scarf. A scarf that I started quite some time ago, but messed up multiple times. Each mess up equals a few weeks of punishment for the yarn for not doing what I want it to do. The punishment is that it sits unattended under an end table in my living room while other cooperating yarn gets to make mitered squares.

This morning I finished the scarf. It is currently sitting pinned, stretched, and damp on my ironing board. It is lovely. The yarn is amazingly beautiful. The colors are everything that I love and it was created by Amber. This is the first time that I worked with Manos del Uruguay and it's nothing short of perfection. I love feeling the changes of thickness in the hand spun wool.
(first picture is unblocked, second picture is blocked and sprayed, third picture is close up of pattern)

And, as a shameless plug, I took the photos for the Manos Wool Clasica booklet. Thanks to Fairmount Fibers & Rosie's Yarn Cellar owner Lisa R. Myers for the wonderful experience!

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