Thursday, September 11, 2008


Last month I decided that I am going to do a handmade Christmas. I will either make or buy handmade. I have a five subject notebook with ideas and sketches. So what did I start on yesterday? The foliage hat for myself. Naturally.
I went to Michael's and got the needles and yarn. I have to be honest, now that I've been working with a nice stash of yarn, I really don't like the yarn that Michael's has to offer. Yes, I'm turning into a yarn snob. Too bad my reading skills aren't as particular as my taste in yarn...
The pattern has two sets of directions. I copied down the type of yarn I need for one hat and the needles I need for the other. I have thinner yarn and bigger needles. After I complete the messed up hat, I will start fresh with nice yarn in the appropriate thickness. Live and learn. And read directions thoroughly.

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