Thursday, September 4, 2008

Halloween Skirt.

I made myself a Halloween Skirt.
Initially it was going to be designed after the "East Meets West" skirt in the "Sew What! Skirts" book. (Click here for an example.) The top of the skirt would be the spider web fabric, the bottom the witch fabric. I messed up though. (surprise, surprise.) I didn't cut enough of the witch fabric for the bottom part, and then didn't have enough fabric to start over. *sigh*
I then just made a fitted waistline A-line skirt and added a pocket with the complementary witch fabric. I added a decorative stitch around the pocket mainly because I made the seam allowance too large and the pocket was kinda flappy.
It's cute, but I had some issues with the waistline. I didn't count enough for seam allowance (thank god the pocket had enough seam allowance though! *duh*) at the waist, so the zipper sticks up a bit over the waistline. That's OK because, apparently I accept mediocrity and I don't tuck my shirts in, so it will not be visible. I do need to add a couple of darts in the back so it fits a bit better. Since my hips are freakishly larger than my waist, which is quite large in and of itself, the darts are needed despite my accurate (snicker, snicker) measuring.

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