Monday, September 15, 2008

A Few Things...

I've abandoned the foliage hat. It just wasn't working out well with the yarn/needle discrepancy. I will do it again. I've already purchased the proper yarn. Kudos to me for reading directions correctly.
I've been working on a pair of slippers. They will be a Christmas gift for one of my sisters. I am a bit frustrated with the directions. I swear, it's not me! (OK, it probably is, but let's pretend it isn't.) I have to keep reading and re-reading and re-reading them. Must. Have. Patience.
Oh, and yesterday I spent way too much money at Joann's. And surprise, surprise, I didn't buy any fabric! No, instead I dropped money on three knitting books, the proper yarn for the hat, and various autumnal decorations.

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