Thursday, May 24, 2012


After my appointment yesterday, which focused on my shitty job search, I got fired up about my photography. My doctor is awesome and he's getting me to focus on, as he calls it, but I still feel funny saying it, "my passion for photography." He is trying to help me get a job (career) in photography. I appreciate his efforts. After my appointment, a trip to Barnes & Noble, and a stop at Kiwi frozen yogurt (tart yogurt, berries, pretzels and m&ms), I came home, attached a lens to the camera and starting taking photos in my dining room.

It felt good to actually take photos of things. I am constantly take mental photos in my mind: studying light, cropping images, zooming, etc. So, yesterday I focused on the everyday bits of my dining room, perhaps the most under used room in my house. I concentrated on not decorative items, but the pieces that have been in the house since its construction in the late 1930s. OK, one shot is of the crown moulding that didn't exist in the house until 2007, but still, the wall is original.

Life is short. It's time to stop, pick up my camera and looks at the little things that make a whole.

We got a new window put in this week. This is the original wood work. Beautiful.

This is the window sill & chair rail. I love the uneven wood and the colors.

Radiator cover.

This is a damaged portion of the hardwood floor. I love the triangles. The missing piece of wood is my favorite section.

This is an old phone jack.

Look at the beauty and complexity of the hardwood flooring. Imagine the time it took to do this. Each house has it. Incredible.

I have loved this weird little section my entire life. I like how the wall juts out. When the crown moulding was added, it made me love it even more. I'm weird, I know.

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