Monday, February 20, 2012

Q: Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

A: To have its neck snapped, feathers plucked, skin removed, and then been breaded and pan fried for my dinner.

(Notice the child's hand point to the chicken.)

Yes, I purchased and prepared a chicken breast for consumption. I bought it at Whole Foods, I feel better about that knowing that the chicken ate normal chicken food, walked around in its proper setting, and lived a happy chicken life before having its neck broken.

I was a bit queasy about the whole process, but went about it anyway. It smelled really good while it was cooking, and I enjoyed hearing the crackle of the chicken frying away. I just used some whole wheat bread crumbs, wheat germ, and parmesan for the breading. I pan-fried in canola oil.

I ate it with a side of whole wheat pasta (the family's main course) and some broccoli rabe. It was delicious.


Kris said...

chicken. yum. lol i've promised ben that even after ours stop laying,they will never be dinner.;)

Jaime said...

Will you get more chickens to lay eggs?