Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Some Sad (probably overdramatic) Thoughts.

I've been wanting to blog, but can't think of anything creative or clever to say.
I've been perusing old posts, even old flickr commentary. I don't even remember writing half of the things, and can't even believe that they came from my head.

I've deduced that school has sucked the life out of me. This makes me sad. But, what furthers my sadness is the high possibility that this will happen to Abby. School, but its nature, just does that. I hate that. Oh, how I wish that home schooling was an option for us. I really, really do.

But, it's not. I need to work (hence the reason I'm back in school) and Abby needs the social interaction and constant activity that school provides.

I get really sad when I think about her losing her creativity, or being told how/what to think.

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Broomcakes said...

Don't be sad! You just have to be active in Abby's school life, to make sure she gets the push towards creativity that school will inevitably attempt to quash. Since you already are doing arty stuff with her, I think she'll be fine!