Friday, September 25, 2009

Crafty Wish List.

*these are not my photos and are linked back to the proper source.

1. Shrinky Dink Printer Paper.

I just think this looks fun! I wanna try to make earrings. Jemaine Clement earrings, anyone?! Or I can act all clever and esoteric and make Ambrose Bierce earrings. Don't think I wouldn't. I totally would. And I'd smugly wear them. Check out this cool etsy shop and see what she did with them.

2. A serger.

This would make my sewing so much more professional looking. And plus, they're fun to use. And I wouldn't have to go back after I was done sewing a seam and do another row with my overlock stitch. *sigh* A girl can dream, right?

3. Interchangeable Knitting Needles.

I have a lot of knitting needles. I have a lot of yarn. It seems that whenever I want to start a project, I never have the right combination of the two. This would greatly reduce that problem... at least, I think it would.

4. A Walking Foot.

This would make quilting so much easier. And I'll fool myself and say that I'd make more (and better quality) quilts if I had one. No really, I would. I swear...

5. An entire craft room. Decorated how I want. All to myself.

1. My creative space, 2. Fabric storage, 3. Plate rack o' fun, 4. My sewing corner and the board with its old boring cover

This is not my room. (Go here to see her entire set.) I wish it was. I love everything about it. The red/aqua color combination. The excess amounts of crafty things! I know that my husband would hate everything I love about this room.

I'm sure I'm missing a ton of things, but these are the main ones, right now. I'm sure more things will be added as I peruse etsy and various crafty blogs. Except the room. Oh yes, I want my own room.


Broomcakes said...

Shrinky dink printer paper!!!! OMG, the possibilities!!!

I think I'm going to head back into my craft room this weekend. It's gotten dusty from non use. Sigh. I suck. I just need to convince myself that finishing my quilt comes BEFORE making a courderoy fall skirt for myself.

Jaime said...

I want make a scrap quilt for myself with some fabrics that I have.
I also want to make something similar to this:
(The quilt that is her profile pic.)
Cause ya know, I'm gonna have to fill certain requirements if I'm a 5 cat household.