Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I came upon this kimono tutorial a couple weeks ago. I really love it. So simple. The pattern is so easy and basic that it welcomes bold fabrics and cool patterns. I bought a fabric that I love (and Abby too!) big, bold pink flowers with sage stems. Very pretty. I had black binding, so I used that.

Everything was going perfectly! Until it was finished and I realized I measured incorrectly and therefore cut it incorrectly. It didn't fit! So bummed and annoyed with myself.

I had to correct this immediately! I promptly started on another one, measuring correctly this time, using old pillowcases that my dad gave gave me for scrap fabric. Since I had no more binding, I made the binding using extra pillowcase fabric. The tutorial calls for 1/2" binding, but my binding maker only makes 1/4" binding. I knew that would be a pain in the rear, but I did the best with what I had; not too bad, but would definitely go for the wider binding next time!

It came out really cute, but I don't think Abby likes it much. Too bad because I love making them. Anyone know a little person who needs a kimono?

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