Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Some one call the vet!

What's the best way to get your Christmas knitting and sewing done? Don't ask me.

Ya know, Christmas is only, what?, 23 days away and I'm still not finished the majority of the gifts I need to make. (Not stressing, though. Really.) So, instead of doing a simple knitting project which could probably be done in a day or two (I'm assuming this is why I keep pushing it off; because it's kind of boring and not too time consuming, so it'll get done. I hope.) I decided to start a quilt square. I say that as if I have any knowledge of quilting. I don't. I just have lots of fabric scraps and a desire to piece them together. I borrowed this book from my dad. Lots of cool things. Looking through it, I got excited and inspired.

So, would I start with a simple, basic square? Something like triangles, or country corners? Of course not! I go straight to the cat square, which is what attracted me to the book in the first place.

Poor kitty. He's got a shrunken head and a fractured tail.