Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Shirt!

I bought this fabric with the intention of making myself a cute a-line skirt for autumn.
Unfortunately, that skirt will never come to fruition because the fabric *needed* to be used to make Abby a shirt with the Butterick 4732 pattern. It was the first time that a pattern and a fabric meshed so perfectly for me.
Not surprisingly, I had some mistakes, but I don't think they're noticeable. The first conflict came when I couldn't find the narrow elastic I needed, so I made buttonholes instead. The second conflict arose when I skipped an entire section of the directions (I swear, I have some type of mental defect when it comes to reading directions). I adjusted and it looks OK.
Abby loves it. And I am proud that its 100% wearable!
In the second photo, I asked her to just stand still, as opposed to the shots of her leaning against the wall with her butt sticking out, and this is what I got. If you wanted to know what my husband would look like if he was a little girl, just a couple months shy of her 3rd birthday, that's what he would look like.


joe said...

We will have to remember to compare the shot of me dressed as a flapper chick for halloween when I was around 10 and compare shots of her at that age!

Crackbucks said...

that is so joe! freaky!
awesome shirt!