Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Book Review: The House of Velvet and Glass

The House of Velvet and Glass by Katherine Howe

Several factors led me to selecting this book:
  1. I really enjoyed Howe's first book, The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane.
  2. It is historical fiction.
  3. The Titanic plays a role.
  4. It is about seeing the future, or scrying.

With all of those things going for it, I am sad to say that I did not love this book. I just didn't. Its start was slow. I think a good amount of pages and superfluous details could have been edited out. The book could easily have been shortened by one hundred pages.

It didn't really pick up for me until the last quarter, things moved quickly then, but still, there were lulls. I also found it to be quite predictable, so that was disappointing too. Overall all, I give it the trendy apathetic, "Meh."

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