Sunday, August 21, 2011

Missing my Boys

Last night I had a dream about Carlos & Charlie. It wasn't a good dream. In my dream, they were alive, but both in the process of dying. It was awful and sad. The night before that I had a dream that Abby got into their ashes and found large pieces of identifiable bone: a piece of jaw, and a paw.

Charlie has been gone for almost 4 years, Carlos, not even a year. I miss them both terribly and think about them every day. I am fighting tears now as I write this.

We have two cats now, but they are not really involved in our lives. Zelda is very independent and George sleeps most of the day, comes out at night to torment Zelda and bite and/or scratch me. There is no cat-on-cat or cat-on-human cuddling. It is very sad. I miss my boys.

This is me and Carlos. I don't have any pictures of Charlie on this laptop. :(

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