Monday, March 29, 2010

Me Smart.

So, I bought this capri/bermunda shorts pattern that I've been eyeing up for almost a year.

Bought super cheap fabric at Jomar; this way, if it was a huge failure, I wouldn't feel bad.

They come together super fast. Just under an hour. (Not including cutting or the blind hemming which I did by hand.)

(Please pardon what looks to be a camel toe, but is not; also, pay no attention to the dirty mirror or the mess of toys behind me.)

I wanted to include back pockets because well, let's face it, my ass needs pockets. BUT OF COURSE, I forgot to put the pockets on and didn't realize I skipped that part until they were assembled. I did my best to put the pockets where I thought they should be. Heh. The pockets look like flower pots and my butt cheeks look like big puffy dimpled potatoes.

NEXT TIME (and there will be a next time!) I will use less elastic on the back, and remember to put the pockets on prior to assembly.

Easy pattern. Two thumbs and flat misshapen butt cheeks up.

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