Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Inspired by a post on wardrobe refashion (sorry, don't feel like finding the actual post!), and following the ridiculously simple directions here, I made a shrug from an old-shirt.

Ew. I need to clean the mirror.

I hate it.

I believe this is because:
1. The shirt isn't big enough. I think if the t-shirt were larger, it would look better.
2. The pattern on the t-shirt is off-putting.
3. I used pink (ew!) binding as the drawstring.
4. It accentuates my boobs too much.

In conclusion:
I will definitely try this again because it's too damn easy not to! Very little effort is involved. I will try a bulkier, solid-colored shirt. I will find/make a drawstring in a color that I actually like.
I started to knit myself a simple sweater. I casted on and knitted a few rows. George the cat had other plans. I have yet to start over.

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Broomcakes said...

I actually really like the pattern on the shrug!

George needs his own yarn!