Monday, August 24, 2009

Kitchen Wish List. From Basic to Extravagant.

These photos aren't mine. All pictures are linked back to the original source.

1. Food Processor.Seriously, isn't it odd that I don't have one of these? I want one. I've made due without one by using my blender. But seriously, you can't make pie crust in a blender. Yes, I use the manual cutter thing, but not having a food processor is almost embarrassing.

2. Grill Pan.

Quorn cutlets would be pretty sweet on this! Corn on the cob would be too. Or Boca burgers. Or paninis!

3. Mortar & Pestle.

I don't really know *why* I want one. I just do. Oh wait, to grind up some herbs. Yeah, that's why.

4. Pasta Roller Attachment.

I want to try to make my own pasta. $150 seems like a lot of money just to try something, though. I wish I knew some one who had one, just so I could try it out.

5. Cupcake Carrier.

I don't think an explanation is needed. It's just super practical.

6. Cake Dome.

OK, I don't really need one of these, but I'd like one; preferably vintage. It's charming.

7. Rotating cake stand.

Would be a lot easier to frost cakes.

8. Cake server.

I should really have one of these. It's ridiculous that I don't.


Kristine said...

I love all your "wishes"
Well, except for the pasta making thingy. I'll just buy mine, thanks. lol

Jaime said...

I know, it seems like a lot of work for just pasta, but I just want to try it out.

Maybe I'll just scour thrift stores until I find one.

joe said...

cool. bday and xmas ideas. do NOT buy any of these things, please