Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I really like the idea of reusing something old to make it something new. Besides all the environment hoopla, it's just a good use in imagination. I am instantly drawn to anything that shows ingenuity; probably because that is something that I lack!
I mean sure, anyone can think of painting a mayonnaise jar and plopping some flowers in it. Cute idea, but not exactly deft.
This idea, however, is really clever. And practical. Gotta love that combination.

I don't even remember how I stumbled upon this tutorial, but I was really glad I did. And at a perfect time too! Two of my good friends both have birthdays in February.

One Saturday after work, I stopped by Impact!, a huge thrift store a few shops down from my employer. The paperbacks are only .35 (insert "cent" symbol here.) I looked through the table of paperback (the hardbacks are in the shelves) and quickly spotted the words, "Charlie Brown." I picked it immediately and was thrilled to see an excellent condition Charlie Brown comic book. The original price was .40 (again, insert "cent" symbol here.) That one was for Amber.

Finding something for Heather would prove to be more difficult. I decided to just go for a tacky romance novel since that's what the majority of the books were.

(I also picked up some original kitchen appliance manuals for myself that I will eventually mat and frame for my kitchen.)

ANYHOW, I this project is super simple and I really like the results. I'm not going to mention the issues I had with installing the snaps because I'll come off sounding like a total idiot because, well, apparently, I am.

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