Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Yesterday we made some cupcakes. I wanted to make some green tea cupcakes to use up the remainder of the matcha I purchased in October, but Abby turned her nose up at that idea and announced that she wanted "an-nell-ya" cupcakes. So, since the base for the green tea cupcakes is Magnolia Bakery's vanilla cupcakes, that was easy. I figured, heh, I'll just double up the recipe and make 12 vanilla and 12 green tea. Well, as you know, it helps to actually READ directions. Apparently, the quantity was already doubled. Instead of have 12 and 12, I had 24 and 24. I made 48 freakin' cupcakes yesterday.
We made Hershey's chocolate frosting for the vanilla cupcakes and an adaptation of Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World's version of greentea frosting. (I used real butter...sue me.)

Vanilla cupcakes were pretty good, I think the chocolate frosting is too strong for them. They could definitely benefit from a subtler, less sweet frosting. The green frosting probably would've been perfect.
Green Tea cupcakes were not actually cupcakes, but miniature loaves since I don't have that many cupcake pans. I forgot that I wanted to add more matcha then the recipe called for. I am in love with the flavor of matcha and find the cakes and frosting to be just about perfect.

So, out of the 48 cakes we had yesterday, how many are left today? Two. Yes, two. Abby ate about four cupcakes today. (I had three...did I just admit that?!) I brought some to my parents' house and to work. I licked the frosting off one of the green tea cakes and got rid of the rest. That's how much I love them...I sacrificed them for the sake of the greater good (my waistline.)


Broomcakes said...

ahem. i give you permission to make an emergency delivery of extra cupcakes to my home. you know, just to take them off your hands. i hate to see a delicious treat end its days in the trash bin.

Jaime said...

It was a quick humane end: the garbage disposal. (that doesn't really sound human, does it?!) At least they had each other...why do I need to anthromorphosize (sp?) everything?

Kristine said...

I'm intrigued by these little green cups of goodness. Recipe??