Monday, September 1, 2008

Summer Highlights.

I am not a fan of summer. I simply do not like to sweat. I abhor heat and humidity. However, overall, this summer was really great. Nothing more "fun" than a bulleted list.
  • Starting sewing classes! I have longed to learn to sew forever. Thanks to my good friend Heather, I finally took the steps toward learning. Plus, I purchased my own snazzy sewing machine.
  • Beginning of the basement improvements. Goodbye yellow linoleum. Goodbye white paneling. Goodbye "Too Close for Comfort"-esque painted stripes in the laundry area.

  • Abby's Art Class. My girl loves to paint and create. (I'm not-so-secretly thrilled about this!) She loved the summer class so much, we signed her up for the fall sessions too.
  • Deciding to be a one car family. We sold my older, no snazzy upgrades car. We sold it to our neighbors, so it's still sitting out front of my house. With the money, I got a kick ass camera, and we could redo the basement.

  • Ocean City, NJ. Abby had a blast! The first time on a beach and in the ocean and she loved every second.

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